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Fitness Classes and Covid 19

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Procedure

  • Assess the flow of participants into the open hire area. I will inform participants to keep the minimum safe distance from one another, 2 meters, this will be noted with a sign. 
  • Measures will include managing the directional movement of participants entering the space, with signage of direction of flow to their allocated personal point area, of which will be a square area  box for each.  With a safe 2 meters distance from another participant’, personal box area
  • As a professional business I carry out a risk assessment on arrival at every venue or open outdoor space and will continue to do so in diligence of COVID-19 
  • Flow Fitness will take full responsibility in ensuring all equipment that may be used is being cleaned throughout the service times on a regular and repetitive manner using anti-bacterial sprays after contact with participants. Hand sanitisers will be provided on arrival and departing classes for all participant
  • I will continue to risk assess and read up on the latest guidelines to ensure a clear  understanding of COVID-19 updates and  procedures are being met in accordance with the venue hires responsibilities also. To ensure we maintain adequate steps to reduce the spread of COVID-19.