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Hello all… Well here we go then, my first blog of the new revamped Flow Fitness brand. I love to talk, I am sure all who know me well will agree with this personal recognised trait. In fact my late mother said  I came out talking, entering the world ready to go 100% fully charged. So I figured it would be a nice way to share some well-being tips each month and positive vibes in terms of our everyday happier lives motto. 

Each month I will look at different aspects of the well-being pot and what we all need in general day to day routines to maintain a healthy mindset and body overall. Different topics each month that will focus on each segment of the wellness pot. So what do I actually mean by segments you ask? It’s the overall balance of lifestyle needs, the body needs to run efficiently right, in terms of physiology and anatomy; heart pumping, lungs and blood circulation to cells and body functioning processes. We need to maintain strong bones and muscles definition, to ensure we move freely without aches and pains, a range of movements which encourages strong mobility. A positive mind with good mental cognitive pathways, alongside what we feed the body to fuel our overall well-being and maintain a strong immunity. There are so many things to explore and we are obviously all individuals (thank goodness – embrace your individuality it is a blessing) and our needs will vary, yet fundamentally we all need the segment wellness balance to maintain a longevity of life and a happier one at that! 

Why is a balanced lifestyle important? 

Maintaining a balanced life is becoming increasingly more important for your personal health and well-being in a fast-paced, modern world. Sustaining a balanced diet, alongside personal fitness, can help improve and stabilise overall health and well-being. Embracing a balanced approach allows us to thrive in all areas of our lives, cultivating a sense of purpose, contentment, and sustainable well-being. So, let us strive to find that delicate equilibrium and embrace the beauty of living a balanced life. 

What are the segment wellness topics we will explore and discuss month on month?

We will start next month focusing on exercise, the wonderful world of movement. This 1st segment topic has a pathway of various forms of exercise practice’s and equally why each one is important, we will discuss the benefits and cross training element to encourage/maintain a healthy physiology and anatomy. I will also touch on ‘exercise considerations’ in a monthly blog hit, as we are aware some of us are dealing with degenerating diseases and labels of health issues alongside ageing, that are no fault of our own, with a qualification in this field of exercise prescriptions, we can explore what nutrition and movement can do to help/assist and improve a better quality of life. 

The 2nd is food nutrition and why it is so important to eat wholesome food, fresh produce and steer away from processed foods. Trying to understand the consumer demands of food shops and how we are being fooled into buying things that aren’t what he say they are on the label. 3rd we will focus on mindfulness, slowing the pace down, living in the moment, feet up cuppa in hand or a glass of wine perhaps. 4th resting, recovery time, body and mind reboot, good quality sleep and enough of it, we will discuss the benefits and why it is oh so important.  Lastly, 5th focus on the funtimes/laughter being sociable people, oh yes indeed it is a vital part of the pie chart segment balance of well-being for sure, endorphins people, happy vibes, chemicals flowing through our body and mind. 

Lastly before I sign off from this introductory blog, welcome and explanation of what I endeavour to bring to the table month on month. I do hope you enjoy the journey with me and I thank you in advance for taking a little timeout and reading my words. As I have put love and passion into writing it and will do month on month.  I hope they encourage you to stay motivated, happy and lead positive healthy lifestyles. 

Motivational Interviewing hit – How to feel happier everyday…

Practising positivity is about nurturing an optimistic attitude – embracing the present moment as if it was your last. It’s about being kind to yourself as you are to your loved ones, investing in you, your happiness and taking a big step back from the noise. If you want to attract positivity into your life then it is absolutely necessary to believe in your abilities and be comfortable with where you are in life, without worrying about what others may say. When  you live that way, seeing the good in things, no matter what, positivity is sure to flow. I invite you to make more room for positivity, offering practical advice on how to squeeze optimism into your daily routines. We all lead hectic lives and even a small incremental act of positivity can go a long way toward lifting your moods and improving your outlook, then life starts to feel infinitely happier! (Anna Barnes 2003) Therefore, lets do it together a A-Z of positivity quotes each month, so let’s start May ‘A’ with ‘Affirmation’ 

Affirmations – positive little phases we repeat to ourselves, the little pledges we make, to actualise the life we always imagine. They are words that we perceive to be true about ourselves and our lives that help put things into perspective, reduce negative thoughts and banish stress. These uplifting statements empower us, as we all need a little pick me up sometimes. There are words that you can tell yourself in the mirror to energise your attitude and put a spring in your step. 

‘If you have a good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely’ (Roald Dahl) 

See you next month 🙂 xx peace and love to you all xx

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